About us: Our competitive advantage

Expertise in Global security standards

We are well-versed on global security standards such as TAPA where ShieldCoach leadership can help advise clients how to become in compliance to and obtain TAPA Standards certifications

TAPA appointee

ShieldCoach Security is the exclusive service center in the Philippines of TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Assn) with regional office in Singapore.

Expertise in security systems and technology

We have in-house expertise for the supply, installation and maintenance of security systems and technology such as most updated CCTV surveillance, access control, intrusion detection alarms, metal-free detector, X-Ray machine, security portals, turnstiles, GPS tracking for vehicles, and many more.


We can consolidate and build into a fully operational CENTRAL FUNCTION where security command centers from multiple-sites can be integrated into a central station

Expertise in Resilience program design

We can help design and implement Resilience program attuned to clients’ business risks where operations continuity and contingency planning development will form part of value-added services